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1. Which Class is for Me??
We cater to all ages, from toddlers to adults and have a series of different Class Option sizes. Anyone who is new to swimming or intermediates with basic / informal knowledge of one or two strokes, can sign up our swiiming lesson. Our wide range of class options ensure whatever your age, goal, preferences, budget and schedule, we have the right class for you. Just send us a Booking Form, and our coach will reply you or call you if required.
2. What will I learn and the objectives for the swimming lesson?
To master all four basic swim strokes (Breast stroke, Free style, Butterfly and Backstroke). As a specialist company in the field of swimming, we have expertise in two main areas:

 Swimming Teaching
 Competitive Swim Coaching

Our swimming lesson brings forward the expertise, experience and resources to ensure students make rapid progress in a fun, motivated environment. In today’s ever more competitive hustle and bustle world, there are two items that have become a priority for everyone, adult or child - and thats TIME and QUALITY OF LIFE.
3. What is the swimming instructor / coach qualification?
Our Head Coach had 23 years in the coaching line, with 15 years spent coaching at the national and international level. We had served over 3000 students from all walks of life, including the young, the old, as well as newbies and competitive swimmers from pass seven years.

Our swimming lesson also pioneered the concept of the
Muslimah Swim Programme, making the sport more accessible to Muslim women, and also invented the POWERSWIM method, a system of teaching based on experiential learning that has seen thousands learn to swim in just eight lessons.

We number former national and state swimmers among our teaching and coaching staff. Many of our coaches are at least
Certified Level 1 Swimming Coaches, whilst the Bronze Medallion Life Saving Certificate is a compulsory minimum requirement of all instructors.

All staff undergo an intensive in-house training programme on swimming and teaching techniques before moving onto supervised practical sessions. Only after they have been through the drills and undergone an assessment are they deemed fit to handle their own classes.

In addition to this, we holds
regular in-house workshops geared towards the continuous improvement of our staff’s teaching and coaching skills, so we can provide our customers with up to date, top quality services.

We currently have over 55 loyal teachers and trainers, many of which are ex-state and international champions. We cater to an every growing list of locations, including public pools, schools, universities and private residences and clubs.

4. What is the availabe Class Options for me?
•  Personal Group (1-on-1 / 2-on-1 / 3-on-1)
Standard Group (8-on-1 to 10-on-1)
Premium Group (4-on-1 to 6-on-1)
5. What does the Swimming Lessons Involve?
Throughout the POWERSWIM syllabus our highly experienced instructors utilize an experiential learning approach that not only teaches you the correct techniques, but helps you to understand why they work through the instinctive processes of trial and error.

Employed throughout every step of the way from push offs, learning how to move through the water, to streamlining your strokes; our logical and systematic teaching methods will have you swimming in no time. We will teach you that the key to swimming well lies in a number of simple physical and breathing techniques which anyone can master.

6. How many type of Swimming Lessons available in your school?
We provided the following swimming school for your choice:

Beginner's Basics
For anyone who are new to swimming, this is your first step toward learning a new skills in your life.

Muslimah Swim Programme
With our specially tailored Muslimah Swim Programme, Muslim women can enjoy learning how to swim in the privacy of an enclosed and private environment.

Our Muslimah Swim Programme caters specifically to the needs and sensitivities of Muslim women. No males are allowed in the teaching area, whilst all our classes are taken by female Muslimah instructors only.

Ladies Swim Programme
Our Ladies Swim Programme is specially tailored for ladies, who for personal reasons prefer a female instructor with whom they can be relaxed and comfortable with.

We are committed and sensitive toward our customers’ needs, this programme ensures you need not be unduly concerned about body contact or disclosing information of a more feminine nature. Our female students can expect to have conquered at least one basic swim stroke in just five classes.

Competitive Swim Programme
Competitive swimming is an exciting and rewarding sport. Not only does it make you physically fit, you learn discipline, determination, motivation, respect and sportsmanship.

It helps develop strength of character and teaches you how to set goals as you hone and develop your strokes, simultaneously increasing your fitness and strength.

Stroke Correction Programme
Our Stroke Correction Programme is suitable for both the lay person and the competitive swimmer. Whether swimming is a leisure hobby or a sport, if you find you get tired quickly and are not able to move far with each stroke, stroke correction class can really help you improve your swimming.

Alternatively, if you are a competitive swimmer looking to leverage off the expertise of our highly qualified coaches and really sharpen your game, stroke correction classes offer a fast track to swimming faster and stronger.

7. Where is your Swimming Lesson / School located in Klang Valley area?
We have taught thousands of children and adults how to swim throughout the Klang Valley.

For the pass few years, we have also been handling first rate swim programmes for schools, both private and public, throughout the state of Selangor.

We brings forward the expertise, experience and resources to ensure students make rapid progress in a fun, motivated environment.

Currently handle swim programmes for the National Aquatic Centre in Bukit Jalil, The Club in Bukit Utama, Sri Damansara Club, K Club in Taman Melawati, D' Club The Peak at Cheras, Mewah Club in Kajang as well Putrajaya National Pool

Schools including the Japanese School of Kuala Lumpur, Garden International School, the British International School of Kuala Lumpur, the Nexus World School in Putrajaya, Sri KDU Smart School, Garden International School number among those on our client list.

8. Do you have a Swimming Instructor who able to come over my place to teach?
Yes, just send us a Booking Form and stated what you want to learn and the Full Address of where is your residence, condo, apartment or pool you want our swimming instructor to go. We will check the location possibility and send our instructor to meet you. If your pool is not suitable to teach swimming, then you have to use our pools for swimming lesson.
9. How do I Get Started?
If you want to know more about our Beginner’s Basics Programme or improve your swimming strokes, just give send us a Booking Form and we will pass your request to our coach or call our General Enquiry line. Our friendly staff will do our best to help you!

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