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Windfoiling Lesson Malaysia
Windfoiling Lesson  OPEN 
A Windsurfing replaced with a hydrofoil to enables you to fly quietly and peacefully above the water in very light winds.
  Puchong min age: 15+ RM400
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Stand Up Paddle Lesson Malaysia
Stand Up Paddle Lesson  OPEN 
SUP is a new and fast growing sport. It is a cool sport that provides you a great way to get a core full body workout.
  Putrajaya min age: 10+ RM90
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Windsurfing Lesson Malaysia
Windsurfing Lesson  OPEN 
Windsurfing brings together surfing and sailing sports. It give the unbeatable feeling of gliding effortlessly over the waters.
  Tasik Biru min age: 7+ RM250
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Kiteboarding Lesson Malaysia
Kitesurfing Lesson  OPEN 
A cool sport, which you can learn quickly and easily. Ride waves, practice awesome tricks, and most fun workout ever.
  Kuantan min age: 12+ RM150
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Flyboard Malaysia
Flyboarding Training  PARTLY OPEN 
Flyboard is a cool and new sport that provides you with countless fun and adventure that propelled from water jets.
  Putrajaya min age: 15+ RM370
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Water Rafting Malaysia
Water Rafting Malaysia  OPEN 
Most exciting outdoor activity for families, friends and company outing. Great adventure outdoor and back to nature.
  4 location weight: 20kg+ RM159
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Skydiving Course Malaysia
Skydiving Courses  COMING SOON 
Skydive is one of the most extreme & adrenaline rush sport. It's a bucket list of thing do for most people in life.
  Perak min age: 16+ RM1,800+
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One Day Pilot Malaysia
Pilot For a Day Experience  OPEN 
Imaging flying an aircraft by yourself with actual hands-on experience. This is an amazing experience for a lifetime.
  Subang min age: 12+ RM800
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Tandem Paragliding Malaysia
Tandem Paragliding  OPEN 
The most simplest form of flying and a great experience for people who want to feel of flying like a bird and touch the sky.
  5 location min age: 10+ RM250
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Paramotor Malaysia
Tandem Paramotor  OPEN 
Best ways to traverse the skies and the closest way to feeling how it is to be a bird into dizzying heights for incredible views.
  3 location min age: 10+ RM350
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Car Drifting Lesson Malaysia
Car Drifting Lesson  OPEN 
Learn to drift in a specialised race car with Pro drifter for techniques like control the clutch, breaks, steering and donut eight.
  Serdang min age: 18+ RM5,800
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SUP Yoga Lesson Malaysia
SUP Yoga is a fun way to tone up your body for core above the water. SUP Yoga is ideal for fitness and balance.
  Putrajaya min age: 10+ RM200
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Rock Climbing Lesson
Rock Climbing Lesson  OPEN 
Climb is fun and exciting, it's a good outdoor sport for your mental and physical strong and great for health.
  Batu Caves min age: 7+ RM160
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