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Pilot for A Day Experience in Cessna Aircraft at Subang Skypark Malaysia

Package Rate
RM  800.00 per
  RM 950.00 30 min
 30 minute co-pilot experience
 One person upon booking
 Min 12 years old
 Compulsory for one co-pilot
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RM  1,300.00 per
  RM 1,500.00 60 min
 60 minute co-pilot experience
 One person upon booking
 Min 12 years old
 Compulsory for one co-pilot
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add on
RM  200.00 per person /
  RM 300.00 1 or 2 person
 Choose Plan A or B then add passenger
 Passenger is optional
 Min 1 or max 2 passengers only
 Max for 1 or 2 passengers weight is
RM  15.00   per
  Pass to enter the hangar
 Meet at Toast Box Cafe Subang Skypark
 Min 12 years old as co-pilot
 Pilot and Cessna Aircraft provided
 Advance booking required

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Cessna aircraft seating plan

Package Details
   Advanced booking is required 4-7 days
    before the flight date
   Open all year includes a public holiday
   Choose between a 30 or 60 minute flight
   Min age 12 years old (4ft height) as co-pilot
   Min 1 person upon booking as co-pilot
   Min 1 or max 2 passengers (optional)
   Max weight 230kg overall from your side
   Max weight is 150kg for 1 or 2 passengers
     to sit at the back
   Height: min 5' and max 6'4"
   Best book flight between 8am - 10am for
     good visibility, clear sky, and less bumpy.
   Meet at Subang Skypark Terminal Airport
   Insurance coverage is optional you can
     purchase it from us.
Insurance Protection
RM  50.00 per
  age below < 70 years old
RM  150.00 per
  age above > 70 years old
Click to know your Insurance Benefits?Optional and  highly recommended 
AIG Travel Guard
Who is eligible to apply?
   Malaysian Citizen & Expatriate
   Permanent Residents
   Employment Pass / Work Permit Holders
    and Dependent(s) of Pass Holders
Frequently Asked Questions  
If you have any questions to book this package, please click the FAQ button below to look for your answer.
If you have any queries or concerns, please click the WhatsApp button and get in touch with us between 8am to 6pm for assistance. WhatsApp QR Code
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One Day Pilot Experience Malaysia
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Hospitality and great gear
Had the pleasure of renting an SUP board from Oxbold in Pahang for the whole day. Board, paddle and life jacket are in great condition, well-maintained. Oxbold's rep, Steven is warm and very helpful- giving me tips on where to head out on my solo paddle. Very quiet beach,
which means you have the whole ocean all to yourself! by Safari53727859159 - Dec 2018

Michael is a star
It was our first SUP lesson. Michael was patient, informative and friendly.Highly recommended. He made us feel so welcome. by Lee F - Nov 2018

Stand Up Paddling at Putrajaya
A group of us went for SUP in Putrajaya, which is run by Oxbold's partner company Flyboard Malaysia. Overall a very pleasant experience as the instructor was friendly and he provided clear instructions. by Roam51273808111 - Jun 2019

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"Experience the fun of aviation like never before with our One Day Pilot Experience in Malaysia!"

Prepare to be amazed as you take control of a Cessna 172 aircraft and soar through the stunning skies of Kuala Lumpur. Our highly skilled pilot will be right by your side, ensuring your safety and providing expert guidance throughout this extraordinary adventure.

This remarkable experience is not only a perfect gift idea, but also an incredible opportunity for you or your loved ones to learn the art of flying. Imagine yourself in the cockpit, feeling the immense power of the aircraft beneath you, and taking charge of the flight.

With our dedicated instruction, you will quickly grasp the fundamentals of aviation and gain a profound understanding of the wonders of flight.

"Experience hands-on flying as a co-pilot while learning how to fly the aircraft yourself!"

Whether you've always dreamt of becoming a pilot or simply crave an exhilarating new experience, our One Day Pilot Experience is tailor-made for you.

Our flight experiences are meticulously designed to give you a taste of the aviation world while establishing a solid foundation for further training.

At our esteemed flight school in Malaysia, we offer comprehensive training programs for aspiring pilots. From private licenses to advanced certifications, we have cutting-edge resources and a team of passionate instructors who are eager to share their knowledge and love for flying.

Don't let this incredible opportunity slip away. Seize the chance to fulfill your dreams of becoming a pilot by booking your One Day Pilot Experience today!

"Embark on an unforgettable journey into the captivating world of aviation as we guide you through the skies and
teach you how to fly like a
seasoned professional."

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Your outlook on life will be forever changed the first time you take the control of a Cessna aircraft, flying through the air, far above the ground. This is what you were born to do. And the best place for you to begin your journey of flight experiences is to become a One Day Pilot as a Cessna 172 Aircraft co-pilot for yourself today!

A Gift of Adventure

Looking for a unique and unforgettable gift idea? Our One Day Pilot Experience is perfect for the aviation enthusiast in your life. Whether it's a birthday surprise, an anniversary gift, wedding proposal or a special treat for someone who's always dreamt of flying, this experience is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Learn to Fly Today

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in the cockpit of a real aircraft? Our pilot for a day experience is your chance to find out. Whether you're considering a future in aviation or simply seeking an extraordinary adventure, this experience will open up a world of possibilities.

Book Your Adventure Today

Ready to turn your aviation dreams into reality? Join us for the "One Day Pilot Experience" at Subang Skypark, Malaysia, and take to the skies like never before. It's an opportunity to learn, explore, and discover the magic of flight. Don't miss out on this thrilling adventure. Book your One Day Pilot Experience today and let your aviation journey take flight!

What's Involved?

Your one day pilot flying experience is a great way to gain your first hands-on experience of flying a Cessna 172 Aircraft.

The one day pilot flying experience includes a
basic briefing inside the aircraft, where you will be given a few pointers on the aircraft and how it works. Then it's time for your first flight with one of our experienced pilots.

The one day pilot packages are available in either a 30 min or 60 min session based on your budget and the time available. And if you decide you want to train for your Private Pilot Licence (PPL), you can discuss it with us after your flight experience. 

How is the payment calculated?

If you choose Plan B to fly for 60 minutes with your 2 friends. This is an example of how to calculate the total payment.

1 co-pilot (60min) + 2 passengers + 3 pax Manifest
(RM1,300) + (RM200 x 2 passengers) + (RM15 [manifest] x 3 pax)
Total to pay will be RM1,745


The Subang SkyPark Terminal at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (SAASA) has long established itself as the gateway airport to Kuala Lumpur city with its state-of-the-art facilities of a modern city airport. Located approximately 30 minutes away from the city center.

Strategically located near the heart of the city, the Subang Skypark Terminal is living up to its reputation as an aviation and lifestyle destination. This airport is the main base for Firefly, Malindo Air, plus some private and corporate aircraft. It also serves as Berjaya Air’s main gateway to several Malaysian holiday destinations, including Pulau Tioman.


Our pilots create memorable and unique flight experiences for you to remember for a lifetime. Please be seated, buckle up and enjoy the fun of flying experiences with us.

Entry Level
No experience needed. (12 years old and above)

Time Span / Duration 
Make sure you can spend 1 to 2 hours with us when you book this flight experience (it covered ground briefing, simple theory and flight control)

Subject to weather, security check and runway traffic
- 30 min flight experience will take about 60 - 90min
- 60 min flight experience will take about 90 - 120min

- Simple fly introduction
- Rules of the Air
- Radiotelephony
- One day membership

Group Size  
Minimum:  1 co-pilot only
Maximum: 1 co-pilot with 1 to 2 passengers


Minimum 12 years old above
(under 17 years old must have a legal parent or guardian accompany them during the flight as passenger, max 1 or 2 passengers weight must below 150kg)

(NOTE: For children under the age of 17 years old, the pilot will assist in applying the Manifest to access the hangar; an additional charge will be borne by the client to apply for the pass.)

It is important to note that the Cessna aircraft has weight restrictions for safety reasons. The aircraft is intended for a lightweight flight experience, with a maximum weight of 230 kilograms (about 507 pounds). We must strictly comply with these weight limitations to ensure the safety of all passengers and the aircraft.

Therefore, the overall weight of 2 to 3 persons from your side, excluding the pilot, must not exceed 230kg, and the weight of 1 or 2 passengers combined in the back seats must not exceed 150kg. Thank you for your cooperation in these safety regulations.

Height Height
Minimum of 5 feet tall and not taller than 6 feet 4 inches

Meeting Venue
Subang SkyparkToast Box Cafe at Subang SkyPark Terminal
Google Map: https://goo.gl/WXZiS4
Waze Map: https://goo.gl/dvwu45

How to get there?
Either drive there by car or book a Taxi or Grab Car.
Alternative you can go by train from Skypark Link Service by KTM Train from KL Sentral directly to Subang Skypark Station for just RM11.00 one way.

Please check the Skypark Link train timetable
(The first train from KL Sentral departs daily at 6.05am, and the last train at 10.00pm. The first train from Skypark Terminal leaves at 6.57am, and the last train at 10.20pm)

How to book?
Flight experience is available every day, with a minimum of 4 days advance booking with full payment to secure your flight schedule to ensure the pilot and aircraft are ready for you.

P/S: Please make sure you don't have anything scheduled for that day or immediately after your flight. This will ensure that you have enough time to enjoy your flight at this special moment. Be aware that there may be delays in flight caused by runway traffic, aircraft maintenance needs, security checks, etc., which will extend your time spent waiting in the airport.

Since there are numerous rules and SOPs at the airport to make sure your flight is safe, We are hoping to gain your cooperation earlier by alerting you in advance.

The pilot prefers to fly early in the morning since the weather is cooler than at noon. The ideal time to fly is between 8am to 10am for a clean sky, avoiding bumpy rides at noon in hot weather, and having to reschedule due to rain.

Flying an aircraft has always been a weather-dependent activity. Safety is always the priority in aviation sport. If you have been scheduled, you must come to the airport regardless of weather conditions. If we feel it is necessary to cancel, we will call you. If inclement weather occurs after you arrive, all flights will either be postponed until later in the day or reschedule to a new date.

A safety briefing will be conducted on land before the participants enter the aircraft. Participants must follow all safety instructions. Please switch off mobile phones while in the airfield.

Insurance Coverage
It's essential you get insurance protection for your aviation sports activities. You must have your own insurance protection and coverage when signing up for this activity. We want you to have a piece of mind when engaging in the activities with us and fully enjoy them.

What else should you pay and prepare before your flight?
You are chartering an aircraft, not a normal airbus passenger!
Please wear smart and proper attire for this special moment. Without following the Airport SOP, you are not allowed to enter the hangar for your flight and resulting in rescheduling.

1. You must bring your IC (Identity Card/Mykad) or Passport which must be kept by the Airport Police Officer. You will get back your IC or Passport after the end of your flight by returning the Tag(s) to the Day Pass Officer.
2. Beginning on 01 March 2024, all passengers must pay for the Passenger Manifest (RM15.00 per person) to get a tag to click on your shirt for a security check to enter the hangar.
3. Please arrive 30 minutes early at Subang Airport in Toast Box Cafe to meet your pilot and walk together to apply for a Temporary Day Pass.

What to Wear & Bring  
Wear smart and casual attire
- Long pants and Knee Length Skirts are mandatory!
- Long or short-sleeved, T‐shirt, collar shirts are fine
(No singlet or short pants!)
- Covered shoes only! (No sandals, slippers, or flip flops!)
(all the above applied to children as well)

Have a light meal before the flight
If you book an early morning flight between 8 am to 10 am, please have a light meal before arriving at the airport or you can buy some food, such as bread or cookies, and mineral water in the airport retail kiosk with you. Just in case of airport runways, heavy traffic delayed your flight's take-off!

This is to prevent altitude sickness or vomiting if you travel to a high altitude too quickly on an empty stomach.

Pilot For A Day Experience is popular for ideal GIFT Experience. Many of our customers buy this as Gift Vouchers for Families, Couples, Birthdays and etc.

Please click HERE for more information!

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One Day Pilot Malaysia at Subang Skypark

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