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5 Reasons why Gift Voucher are the Best presents for any occasion?
1. Freedom for time and date
We simply don’t know people’s choices, available time and date well enough. Gift voucher gives people to choose their own free time to redeem the gift.
2. Convenient
Buying a Gift Voucher is a very simple process online and hardly takes any effort. The process is easy and convenient and eliminates the time you’d normally take to buy a present.
3. As a Substitute
A gift Voucher can be a convenient and useful substitute for cash when you need to make purchases or want to give a gift to someone else.
4. No more unwanted gifts
Buying things that are valuable and worth it and not a waste of money, time and resources. By giving the gift of choice, a gift voucher eliminates the chance of a disappointing present, and empowers your loved one to have something they actually need.
5. Give a gift at a distance
With the uncertainty the pandemic has brought us, there's every chance that you won't be able to deliver a gift in person. The Gift Voucher arrives in your inbox instantly - a timely gift that still expresses that you care about your recipient. No contact is required!


Want to give someone a truly amazing gift that will truly impact and make a memorable and unique lifestyle experience?

You are at the right place! In OXBOLD, where the limit to adventure is only the imagination. We provide you out of the box and perfect gift for a lifetime that no once can offer!

OXBOLD offers you a range of extreme and exciting experiences and gift ideas that make the perfect alternative to regular gifts for someone who is most special to you! Why get a loved one a flower when they can fly an aeroplane or windsurfing to cruise above the water?

We offer a wide variety of gift ideas, from experience the unique opportunity to take controls and fly a light aircraft or learning to drive and mastering a drift car in a day, learning windsurfing and sailing in the ocean, and many more, making OXBOLD your one-stop-shop for all your experience gifts.

Our Gift Voucher is perfect for following occassion:

 Business Anniversary
(for your loyal customers as a reward or complimentary...)

 Personal Anniversary
(for your own success and achievement celebration...)

 Birthday or Belated Birthday
(for someone who always loves, supports and trusts you...)

(for someone well-deserved promotion, outstanding or accomplished great things...)

 Friends and Bestie
(for someone who always supports and trusts you, BFF...)

(for someone who has time to have more fun...)

 Thank you
(this is a perfect and unique way to express your sincere gratitude to say Thank you..)

(Either Valentine's Day, Father's & Mother's Day, or Wedding Anniversary. This is a perfect time for celebration with families and friends...)

12 Surprise Gift Ideas Available For Delivery

From flying an aircraft as a pilot for a day and jumping off the cliff with a magnificent bird eyes view, we've compiled 12 thoughtful gift ideas to show your loved ones you're thinking of them on any occasion.

All these gifts can be delivered to the doorsteps of your friends or family by printing out the
Gift Voucher we send to you or via email or mobile phone as a surprise! Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or simply a random surprise, it's always nice to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones, especially during a special moment.

There are many occasions and celebrations throughout the year where you can show love by choosing the best gifts. Either
birthday, anniversaries, weddings, valentine's day, college graduations, or achievements, and not to miss Christmas and New Year!

We know you want to show them your gratitude, and you want a sweet way to say, "Hey, I'm here for ya." Or there is no reason at all - that's cool, too. Gift ideas are a sweet way to let someone know you're thinking about them.

From extravagance aircraft flying to adrenaline sports like leaping off a cliff or rapid water rafting, these gifts will make them feel all the warm fuzzies and most memorable one in life.

And because we're all out here trying to
think out of the box of something uniquely great or sign off the list of must-dos of life, outrageous sport is an alternative and best gift ever!

And if you're still struggling to find the right gift, we've got plenty of gift ideas for every type of person. Anyway, without further ado, we've listed the top 5 of the best no-reason, just-because-I-love-ya gifts you can give to anyone special in your life on top right panel in this page (Check it out!).

You can put a special words in the Gift Voucher.
To make it an even more
personal touch, we allow you to put some of your own words in the Gift Voucher to make it more special and memorable to your recipient.

Explore Malaysia with so many cool experiences

Malaysia has so many cool experiences to offer to people who love something
out of ordinary stuff which you can't easily see and access to it daily. Example flying an aeroplane, jumping down from a hill or aeroplane with parachutes like paragliding and skydiving, cruising above the water with windsurfing and many more. These are the sports or gift experiences you hardly see every day. That makes it something so special and a bucket list most people wanted to fulfil.

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