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  FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions for Stand Up Paddle Yoga Malaysia  
1. Do I need reservations?
We strongly suggest that you book your lesson as far in advance as possible. Our Stand up paddle yoga lesson fill up quickly, especially during the peak season like weekends and public holidays. All lessons we offer are by advance reservation only, please check our description for more details.
2. What is SUP Paddleboard Yoga?
SUP Paddleboard Yoga is a variation of stand up paddle surfing (SUP), combined with yoga, which originated in Rishikesh, India. It is a combination of dynamic movements that strengthen the whole body - especially the core. So if you are looking at shaping up, toning your abs, getting more balance and getting more body awareness - then SUP Yoga is just perfect for you!
3. What is Stand Up Paddle Yoga Lesson?
Simply to said, it's a fun way to tone up your body! We bring SUP and Yoga to a new level by combine it with the SUP board on the water and therefore achieve a even higher training effect. As we are combining the yoga exercises with other fitness movements.
4. What should I wear or bring for SUP Yoga lesson?
Wear comfortable waterwear (lycra for top), Nylon Track Pants or Boardshort, cap, sun glasses and sun block. Impact Vest (floatation device) will be provided. You may also want to bring something to drink.
5. I have never done SUP or yoga, can I still attend the class?
Sure - Instructor will adjust the class according to your fitness level, it will fun to learn something new in life, right?
6. Where is the location?
The lesson will held in Marina Putrajaya lake at Maritime Centre, Precinct 5.
7. Can I do walk-in booking?
Sorry, you can't! All booking must be advance booking with full payment with minimum 3 days and above. Once we got your booking, instructor will prepare her schedule to meet you in Putrajaya.
8. Is there a minimum or maximum age or size to do SUP Yoga?
The minimum age is 10 years old. As long as you are in good health there is no reason why seniors cannot paddle! Also, our boards can handle up to 100kg weight, so come out a paddle for a great workout!
9. I am just one person, can I join a group lesson?
Yes, just send us a booking form and we will put you into an up coming group lesson at the specified time and date. Remember, private lessons are also available and you learn faster.
10. What is your refund and rescheduling policy?
Weather Delays: All lessons will take place at their scheduled time as long as the weather permits. OXBOLD and Instructors reserves the right to postpone lessons at their discretion due to weather or conditions they deem unsafe. If conditions or weather prevent the lesson from taking place, the lesson will be rescheduled for future convenient time or credit will be issued for future lesson.

Rescheduling: If there are open times, you may reschedule so up to 72 hours prior to your scheduled lesson. If there are no open times, cancellation terms will apply. Lessons may be rescheduled one time only. For cancellation, please read our term and condition page.
11. When can I make booking for my SUP Yoga Lesson?
The activity will be available for weekday and weekend based on advanced booking and meet the minimum student to run the lesson. It also can purchase as a gift vouchers all year round via our website booking form.

You can book the SUP Yoga lesson by filling the Booking Form on our website. If you have any questions about the lesson before booking, please call or WhatsApp our General Line for assistant at
12. Do you have changing room facilities?
Changing room facilities are available in Maritime Centre, Marina Putrajaya for FREE usage.
13. Can we bring spectators?
You certainly can, it is at lake. You can bring your friends and families to come over.
14. Can I take pictures?
Yes you can!
15. How long will I be on site?
For individual bookings please allow 2 hrs to 2 hrs and 30 min. For group booking depending on how many students and boards we prepare on that day to determine the duration. We can cater 20 people per day.
16. What happens if there is bad weather?
Stand up paddle yoga lesson has always been a weather-dependent sport. If we feel it is necessary to cancel, we will call you. If inclement weather occurs after you arrive, all lessons will either be postponed until later in the day or reschedule.

Lessons will recommence when weather conditions do not compromise safety. Lightning: In the event of a severe lightning storm, activities may stop or wait for the rain to stop. Activities may be delayed if a storm is occurring in the activities area. If the rain keeps continues and activities may be canceled or postponed to a later date. In the case of the activities cancellation, participants are offered the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.
17. Do I need to get insurance coverage for my Stand Up Paddle Lesson?
Insurance is optional however, we highly recommended you get it. You can purchase insurance coverage for your lesson with us. Insurance is non-refundable once it's issued. Click here for Insurance Benefits.
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