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  FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions for Surfing in Malaysia  
1. Do I need reservations?
Yes. Pre-booking is essential as we have limited spaces. Our surf lesson fill up quickly, especially during the peak season like North East monsoon season, weekends and public holidays. All trips we offer are by advance reservation only, please check our description for more details. Booking is easy, just click book now and follow the instructions.
2. Tips for Surfing
If you are a beginner, these are a few things that you should keep in mind. Don’t ever try to learn to surf all by yourself. Join a surf school or take some professional help to get acquainted with the water and learn a few basic strokes. Don’t be in a hurry to do the strokes that are only to be performed by advanced surfers. Start small and proceed slowly.- Warm up before surfing by exercising.

- Use the bigger surfboards for effortless floatation.
- Always use a surf leash! If you don’t use it, you run the risk of putting your life at stake.
- Go to beaches that are fit for beginners.
- Once in the water, be very aware and calculative about your speed to avoid serious injury.
- Bend your knees and not your back to avoid strain.
- Learn how to wipe out and remember to be perpendicular to the whitewater.
- Avoid nosedives.
- Keep a check on the weather and other natural turbulences.
- It is advised to carry your own wax and other accessories.
- Do not forget to apply sunscreen liberally.
- The majority of the surf schools provide surfboards and other surf equipment.
- For isolated surf spots, carry your own surf gear.
3. What do I need to bring to the surf lessons?
All you need is a swimming trunks/small shorts for boys, swimming costume/bikini for girls. Suncream, drinking water, towel and appropriate clothing for before and after the lesson. Warm weather proof clothing is a good idea.
4. Do I need to be a strong swimmer to learn surfing?
Your surf lessons are taught in waist-deep water and progress to the deeper open sea, swimming skills will be an added advantage to you as a surfer. A minimum swimming ability of 25m is required for beginner lessons. All starting classes are taught in waist-deep water by surf instructors. For more advanced courses, we require a minimum open-water swimming ability of 50m.
5. What if the waves are too small to learn?
Fortunately, we get the most consistent waves in Kudat during North East wind, however very occasionally the sea does go completely calm. When this happens we either, explore other beaches for bigger waves, or postpone the lesson for another day. If you can not make another day then you will receive a refund based on number of surf lessons. Accommodation and food are non-refundable.
6. How many surf lesson will I need to learn?
This varies from individual to individual, but as a general rule 2 to 3 beginner lessons will give you a firm grip of the basics (riding white water waves) and necessary safety protocols. The best choice is one to two lesson a day until you feel confident.

Surfing can be a tiring activity and we have found that a two hours surf lesson is an ample amount of time to put in to practice what you have learnt. Surf and wind conditions, budget, aspirations, stamina and fitness levels all need considering.
7. How long will it take to learn surfing?
Most people will be able to stand up in their first surfing lesson, and others will be able to catch waves by themselves in their first lesson. However, it takes time to learn how to read waves and when and where to paddle into them. Depending on your goals, a minimum of 3 surfing lessons is a good start if you plan on taking up the sport.
8. Do I need to hire the equipment for my surf lessons?
No, your surf package already includes the equipment. For beginner lessons use soft foam surfboards that are appropriate for your size. You are free to use the surfboard throughout your surf lesson period for private use only.
9. What happens if conditions are not good for surf lessons? Will I get a refund?
It is best to have a little flexibility in case conditions are unsuitable for lessons on your chosen day. If conditions are unsuitable then we will either re-schedule you to another suitable day or offer you the chance to do another activity like SUP or snorkeling, scuba diving or kiteboarding but chargeable if we refund the surf lessons (availability and conditions depending).

Refunds are available if none of the above are suitable. If bad weather we will refund the surfing lesson that is not able to complete it. Accommodation and food are non-refundable.
10. Can I wear my glasses or contact lenses when I am surfing?
If you feel you will struggle to see without your glasses, please wear them. To avoid losing them, we recommend tying them to oneself with a piece of string. For surfing, daily disposable contact lenses are the ideal solution.
11. Do you have people taking pictures for me during my surfing lessons?
No, we don't have somebody who specializes to take photos during your surf lessons. However, our instructors who are not instructing can assist you by taking some pictures with their phones.
12. How early should I arrive beforehand to meeting point?
Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your lesson. If you are not familiar with the area you may want to allow some extra time before your departure time. Make sure to get good directions before you leave home (we provide Google & Waze Maps in your Confirmation Email).

FYI: Be sure to take your instructor or OXBOLD contact number info with you. All lesson start at the set scheduled and times, if you are late or you have missed the lesson. Make sure you are familiar with our booking policies.
13. Do you offer other services besides surf lessons?
Yes, we are also a PADI dive center offering discover snorkeling and Stand Up Paddle lessons if you have extra time and plan to learn after your surf lesson there.
14. How many students are there for surfing lesson?
Normally 4 to 5 students in a group. Ratio 2 student to 1 instructor. We will add additional assistant instructor if more students.
15. How can I book and pay for my surf lessons?
All activities require payment in advance to secure the places, our booking system powered by PayPal and it is easy to use and accepts payment from all major credit/debit cards.

If you do encounter any problems please email us, drop us a line or WhatsApp us. For surf lessons and rental inquiry, just use the 'book now' to send us the email.

All other activities, please send us a message or give us a call to check availability and arrange a booking. | +60196638336
16. Do I need to get insurance coverage for my Surf lessons?
Insurance is optional however, we highly recommended you get it. You can purchase insurance coverage for your lesson with us. Insurance is non-refundable once it's issued. Click here for Insurance Benefits.
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