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One Day Pilot Sample Videos
OXBOLD One Day Pilot Sample Videos
One Day Pilot Cirrus SR20 Eperience by OXBOLD     OXBOLD One Day Pilot on Channel [V] hosted by Alvey OXBOLD
Cessna 172 Sample Videos
One Day Pilot Experience Cessna 172 Aircraft by OXBOLD       Flight Fullterton - Los Angeles by Oliver Reik
Flight Boulder City - Las Vegas by Oliver Reik       Flying arround with a Cessna 172 by Nagy Arpad
Cirrus SR20 Sample Videos
First Hand on Cirrus and glass Cockpit by Vincent       Cirrus SR22 G3 Perspective by Vincent
Waiting for the Cirrus SR20 by Andreas Barowski       Backseat on Cirrus by Vincent
Robinson R44 Helicopter Sample Videos
How to: fly a helicopter by gizmag       How Do Helicopter Controls Work by terminator6645
Robinson R44 Raven II by Jeff Quinlan       R44 helicopter approach by PhotoShip One
Flying with Robinson R-44 by Chris C.       How helicopters fly (1/2) by OUlearn
EC120B Helicopter Sample Videos
Eurocopter EC 120 b Colibri D-HMSB by boerni01       EC120 Colibri helicopter 1 by pilotkorall
1999 Eurocopter EC120B by Micah Woods       Sebastien in de EC120 colibri by sebastien de smet

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