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Learn Basic Paragliding Lesson in Malaysia

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  Available on weekdays, weekends and public holiday

   Minimum group: 1 people
   Minimum age: 18 years old
   Maximum weight: 100KG p/pax

  Fly Zone:
Kuala Kubu Bharu, Kuala Selangor  Or;
   2. Bukit Jurga, Banting, Selangor
 3. Bukit Bubus, Terengganu

Pre-book minimum 7 days advanced 4 days lesson Minimum 1 pax upon booking Minimum 18 years old above Maximum weight 100KG
   4 days lesson rate
   Minimum 1 person upon booking
   Minimum 18 years old
   Weather Permitted
   Includes equipment and
    workbook, flight log & insurance
   Excludes transportation and meals
per person
PayPal Payment
   Addtional per day lesson rate
   Minimum 1 person upon booking
   Minimum 18 years old
   Weather Permitted
   Includes equipment and
    workbook, flight log & insurance
   Excludes transportation and meals
per person
PayPal Payment

   Booking 72 hours before the activity
   Minimum 1 person upon booking
   Minimum 18 years old
   Weather Permitted
   Excludes transportation & insurance
add RM50.00
per person
PayPal Payment
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Rating Matrix
Physical Strength 5
Mental 10
Toughness 6
Skills 10
Fun 8
Popularity 6
No booking during MCO

Introduction to Basic Paragliding TrainingSelangor Area

Welcome to paragliding sport in Malaysia. OXBOLD offers you the opportunity for pursuing in flying sports to enriching your lifestyle and promoting areial sports in Malaysia.

As a beginner you need to master a set of skills and knowledge to fly safely, for this very reason you are required to be supervised by an instructor or equivalent for all of your subsequent flights after the completion of your course. Only after 40 flights or more, you will usually grasp enough experience to perform the launch and landing without constant supervision.

Beginner paragliding course lasts for 4-5 days over 3 weekends. If you are interested in learning to fly quickly, we recommend our intensive paragliding course over a full week (4-5 consecutive days) with theoretical lessons and practices every single day (weather permitting). This allows you to keep your knowledge and skills fresh each day and accelerates the learning process. Please consult us via emails for the schedule and further suggestions.

What You’ll Learn:
Theory : Introduction to Paragliding, Equipment & Gears, Thermodynamics & Meteorology, Topology, Flight Rules and Incident Handling.
Practical : Equipment preparation, inspection and maintenance
Practical : Forward launch technique
Practical : In-flight manoeuvres for landing approach, flying with instructor in tandem flight
Practical : Open field landing technique
Practical : Reserve deployment (in a suspended simulation)

           Package Description

- 2 days of ground handling with reviews on thermodynamics and meteorology
- 2 days of practice – forward launch technique
- Fully certified training equipment are provided (paraglider, harness, helmet and radio)
- Written and practical exam through Student Workbook
- Insurance coverage (Malaysian)
- Training reading materials such as Student Workbook, flight log

- Two (2) ways transportation to meeting point (Optional)
- Accommodation

- Not prior experience required
- Minimum age of 18 (or 16 with parental consent)
- The will and patience to learn to fly as the weather will be hot during ground handling
- Listen carefully to your instructor (slightly different techniques may be applied according to
  situations and students ability to absorb instructions)
- Reasonably good health (advised to perform medical checkup or obtain doctor’s advice)

Group Size:
Minimum:  1 Participants
Maximum: 12 Participants

Paragliding Flyzone and Meeting Point:
(Meeting Point will be assigned by Instructor/pilot based on wind condition)

1. Bukit Jugra for Paragliding, Banting, Selangor OR
    Google Map: https://goo.gl/4mCBuE
    Waze Map: https://goo.gl/VxivAK

2. Stadium Millennium Car Park, Kuala Kubu Bahru
    Google Map: https://goo.gl/2ZdaGf
    Waze Map: https://goo.gl/vPLnP9

3. Bukit Bubus, Dendong Beach, Terengganu
    (Kota Putera Paragliding & Xtreme Park)
    Google Map: https://goo.gl/NLvGFV
    Waze Map: https://goo.gl/e61zZZ

Safety briefing will be conducted on land before participants take-off.
Participant must follow all safety instruction at all time.

What to Wear & Bring
2. Comfortable outdoor attire
3. Proper shoes like high cut boot or Sport shoes.
4. Straps for spectacles or goggles for contact lenses
5. Sun screen lotion and basic toiletries
6. Sunglasses and cap
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