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Benefits of Paramotor
Imagine how it feels of the air breeze on your face with uninterrupted 360-degree astonishing views of the landscape around you as the birds do. Imagine yourself dancing through the skies as you experience MOTORISED Paraglider cruising in the air.
Suitable for young or old and it's as easy as riding a plane; tandem paramotor is safe, easy, and lots of fun.
While you practice paramotor, your core focus is always what is presently going on, leaving your concentration levels high.
Although anyone can practice paramotor, there are lots of people who are afraid of trying it. Paramotor is a very mental sport. Do you know that feeling you get when you accomplished something you never thought you could? That is what you feel after your first flight!

This confidence boost could even change your life because it can even be a great help in your daily routine. Paramotor may help you feel like a brand new person!
We believe that tackling your fears head-on is the best way to overcome them. Paramotor gives you the opportunity to prove yourself that you are able of accomplishing anything you want to!

Do you want to feel free from fear, stress, anxiety, and gravity? Paramotor will take you away to a whole new world and will set you free as anything has before!
Paramotor gives you the chance to see the world from a different and new perspective. Once you landed on earth, you will have gained a new appreciation of the beauty of the world that we live in.
We provide FREE video/photo shooting service during your tandem paramotor experience. However, our pilots are not a professional photoprapher, their main duty is focus on safety and fun of your paramotor experience. Please bring your phone, thumb drive or SD card to copy your photos after the experience end.
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Tandem Paramotor Malacca Tandem Paramotor Mines Wellness City Tandem Paramotor Pulau Indah Tandem Paramotor Malacca Tandem Paramotor Mines Wellness City Tandem Paramotor Pulau Indah

Welcome to Paramotor Sport or MOTORISED Paraglider (MPG) Malaysia. OXBOLD offers you the opportunity for pursuing flying sports to enriching your lifestyle to be able to experience flying and learn to be a paramotor pilot in Malaysia. Being airborne with your both feet dangling and your arms steering the wing comes as close to being a bird as one can get for now. Paramotor is worn like a backpack and is the smallest of all powered aircraft. It is either foot-launched or can use wheels to airborne.

POWERED Paragliding (PPG) or Paramotor is a form of ultralight aviation where the pilot wears a motor on his back (a paramotor, or motorized paraglider) which provides enough thrust to take off on the level ground. Those who don’t want to bear the weight of the flight equipment on their backs can also use a trike or quad (three- or four-wheeler), where the paramotor is attached to a frame.

The skies are truly the last free open area to enjoy, and this is what the paramotor is all about.
It's a most remarkable feeling to realize you are actually flying. Whether flying low over the beach or open fields or high over the land riding thermals, you can experience freedom, independence and achieve man's oldest dream - flight! Motorized paragliding is undoubtedly the least expensive form of powered flight - a day in the sky will only cost a few dollars in fuel bills.

MPGs can fly up to 3,000m but the best altitude is 30m to 100m as it offers the best views. It is advisable not to fly in winds greater than 5km to 10km per hour. The sport is open to both male and female enthusiasts, who are at least 16 years old, of sound health both mentally and physically, and who preferably weigh no more than 100kg.

Beginners start with a combination of tandem flights and learning the basics of kiting, which is getting the wing or parachute to catch the wind and stay up in the air. Depending on the individual, they may be able to fly on their own after five to 10 days of training. While the equipment is provided during the course, true enthusiasts will buy their own gear once they’ve qualified to fly.

Learning to fly the Paramotor takes only a few days and does not require any previous flying experience. Motorized paragliders are portable and easily transported to any location providing an infinite variety of flying locations. They can be taken on vacation and/or transported in the back of a car in a carry case.

Well, no adventure sport is entirely safe, but the likelihood of an accident is minimal. To give you an idea, the risks related to paramotor are similar to driving, and it’s statistically safer than motorbiking and even horseback riding.

Paramotoring is not an extreme sport and to date, it has recorded zero fatalities. If the motor fails, the pilot will glide down to the ground with the parachute. Pilots are connected to the ground via two-way radio so guidance can be provided by experienced pilots if required.

A paramotor gives a pilot more independence than in similar flying activities like paragliding, which relies on a towing vehicle, or BASE jumping, which requires a high structure from which to launch. One also need not depend on the wind for lift-off, unlike in pure (unpowered) paragliding.

Our instructors are excellent cross-country pilots, proven in competition and in record-breaking.

There are virtually no age limits, and people as old as 90 can experience a tandem paragliding flight. The only possible limitation is not related to age but to weight, as for safety reasons, the maximum weight for a tandem flight is 100 kg.

Tandem Paramotor Malacca Tandem Paramotor Mines Wellness City Tandem Paramotor Pulau Indah


We have 3 venues for Tandem Paramotor sports.
Please choose your flying destination

Mines Wellness City, Selangor

Pulau Indah, Selangor

Malacca, Klebang


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