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4 Days Basic Paramotor Course

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Package Rate
(BP) Basic Paramotor Certification
RM 3,300.00 per
  RM 3,600.00 4 days
 4 Days Lesson
     - 2 days of ground handling
     - 2 days of practice
 Basic Paramotor Certificate provided
 Lesson conduct in Pulau Indah, Klang
 Min 1 person upon booking
 Min 16 years old
 All equipment provided
 1x Tandem flight with an instructor
 Min 4 or more guided solo flights by radio
 Training materials provided
 Weather permitted
 FREE video and photoshoot services
 Advance booking required
Rental and Coaching
RM 500.00 per
  2 solo guided flights 20 min+
RM 800.00 per
  4 solo guided flights 20 min+
 Valid after completion of Basic Course
 Per flight session: 20-30min
 Guided and coach by radio
 All equipment provided
 Advance booking required
Insurance Protection
RM  50.00 per
  age below < 70 years old
RM  150.00 per
  age above > 70 years old
Click to know your Insurance Benefits?Optional and  highly recommended 
AIG Travel Guard
Who is eligible to apply?
   Malaysian Citizen & Expatriate
   Permanent Residents
   Employment Pass / Work Permit Holders
    and Dependent(s) of Pass Holders
Package Details
   Open all year round and a public holiday
   Full day course (9am - 7pm)
   Depending on weather & wind condition
   Min 1 person upon booking
   Max weight 80kg - 100kg
   English/Malay speaking pilot
   FREE video and photoshoot services
   Return transport provided for student stay
     in Pulau Indah only
   Rescue & Emergency First Aid Kit Equip.

   Transportation to meeting venue
   Other personal expenses
Other Pilot Courses   
 Paragliding Pilot License
 Private Pilot License
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Terms and Conditions
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Let's Break The Rules
Water sport can be relaxing too. Yoga outside of the studio!! Picnic on the sea and also hava a fabulous SUP birthday celebration! We are eager to have it all happening again. Thanks Oxbold and also the instructor, Wilson for giving us these memorable experiences. by Evonne39 - Sep 2021

Hospitality and great gear
Had the pleasure of renting an SUP board from Oxbold in Pahang for the whole day. Board, paddle and life jacket are in great condition, well-maintained. Oxbold's rep, Steven is warm and very helpful- giving me tips on where to head out on my solo paddle. Very quiet beach,
which means you have the whole ocean all to yourself! by Safari53727859159 - Dec 2018

Michael is a star
It was our first SUP lesson. Michael was patient, informative and friendly.Highly recommended. He made us feel so welcome. by Lee F - Nov 2018

Stand Up Paddling at Putrajaya
A group of us went for SUP in Putrajaya, which is run by Oxbold's partner company Flyboard Malaysia. Overall a very pleasant experience as the instructor was friendly and he provided clear instructions. by Roam51273808111 - Jun 2019

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Welcome to the Malaysian paramotor pilot training. OXBOLD provides you with the option to pursue your dream of flying sports in order to enrich your lifestyle and do what you like the most, and that will be flying as one of your passions.

The paramotor courses are a collaboration with the Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF) by qualified instructors to fulfill all the regulations.

Have you ever wanted to fly on your own? To glide freely through the skies for hours with no worries and no definite landing spot? The rapidly increasing sport of powered paragliding, also known as paramotoring, is one of the most cost-effective and practical methods to experience the actual sense of flying.

So, how does one go about learning to fly a powered paraglider? Let us walk you through the fundamentals of powered paragliding so you know what you're getting yourself into, or should we say up for.

BP: Learn to Fly (Basic Paramotor Certificate Course)

Begin with a 4 days Basic Powered Paragliding Certification Course, where you will master the fundamentals of powered paragliding, such as forward and reverse launching, flight control, and landing. You will be instructed in one of our training areas. If the weather cooperates and the student meets the necessary standard, you'll be flying solo on the second or third day. All necessary equipment is provided.

PM 1 to 3: Paramotot License to Fly

You can continue for a full Paramotor Licence Course (PM) from PM1 to PM2 and PM3 after you complete the Basic Paramotor Certification.

Each level will require you to pass the competency assessment test and go thru (40) hours of ground training and (8) hours of in either the FOOT LAUNCH / TRIKE technique with the guidance & observation of a certified trainer.

Passed and proficient in handling Take Off and Landing whether the FOOT LAUNCH / TRIKE technique at least (16) flight sorties with the guidance & observation of a certified trainer

Certified pass PM1 to fly a paramotor plane solo and obtained a worldwide recognize Paramotor License, however for PM1 you still need the guidance & observation of an instructor to fly solo.

Only at PM2 course, you can fly solo without the observation of an instructor. For the PM2 license, you will learn:
1). Fly Low
2). Touch and Go
3). Round 8
4). 360 Turn
5). Precise Landing with engine ON
6). Precise Landing with engine dead engine (Dead Stick)

TM1 to 3: Tandem Pilot Course

Once you reached PM3 and passed all the relevant tests, you can proceed to Tandem Pilot Course. TM1 course requires you to pass the test of carrying a cargo load of not less than (40) kg and (20) sorties at least (5) flight hours.

TM2 course must do at least (30) flight hours carrying passengers (pilot only) not less than (50) kg and (60) cumulative sorties confirmed through Log Book and etc.

Lastly will be the Assistant Instructor and Instructor course if you want to proceed until fully professional in this field.


The chart below shows the Paramotor Pilot levels and classes allowing you to pick and plan on the option and levels of paramotor pilot classes you desire to pursue in order to obtain your certified license.

Ideally, you should get your own set of paramotor equipment and continue training on your own set of gears. Your instructor will offer you a special discount on Gingliders, the world's top premium powered paragliding brand. He will advise you on the best configuration for your level of ability and budget.

Malaysia Paramotor Pilot Proficiency Levels and Classes by MSAF

What You’ll Learn?

Theory : Introduction to Paramotor, Equipment & Gears, Thermodynamics & Meteorology, Topology, Flight Rules and Incident Handling.
Practical : Equipment preparation, inspection, and maintenance
Practical : Forward and reverse launching
Practical : Flight control & landing
Practical : Flying with the instructor in tandem flight
Practical : Guided solo flights by radio communication

This lesson will be conducted in Pulau Indah at Port Klang at the empty field. Here you will be trained with your instructor for Tandem flight and guided solo flights by radio communication depending on the wind's direction and weather of the days.

Basic Paramotor Course Includes  
- 4 days lesson
  (2 days of ground handling and 2 days of practice)
- Training materials provided
- Intructor only pick up and return if you stay in Pulau Indah only
- 1x Tandem flight with an instructor
- Min 4 or more guided solo flights by radio depending on your
  learning pace
- Basic Paramotor Certificate will be provided

- Return transportation to training site (if stay beyond Pulau Indah)
- Insurance coverage for Malaysian and expat, however you can purchase it separately from us.

- No prior experience required
- Minimum age of 18 (or 16 with parental consent)
- The will and patience to learn to fly as the weather will be hot during ground handling   training
- Listen carefully to your instructor (slightly different techniques may be applied according to situations and student's ability to absorb instructions)
- Reasonably good health (advised to perform medical checkup or obtain doctor’s advice)

Kuala Kubu Bharu, SelangorMeeting Location
Pulau Indah, Port Klang
Google Map: bit.ly/paramotorpulauindah
Waze Map: bit.ly/paramotorpulauindahwazemap

Meeting Time


Daily Itinerary
Take Note! The lesson will last for 4 days, depending on the weather. If the weather is excellent and will be completed in 4 days. Otherwise, it will be postponed to a new date that has been agreed upon by the student and the instructor.

Day 1
8:00 to 8:30AM – Pickup and meet for breakfast (for student stay in Pulau Indah only)
9:00 AM – Class starts
12:00 PM – Lunch break or rest at your accomodation
3:30 PM – Class starts
7:00 PM – Class end

Day 2
8:00 to 8:30AM – Pickup and meet for breakfast (for student stay in Pulau Indah only)
9:00 AM – Class starts
12:00 PM – Lunch break or rest at your accomodation
3:30 PM – Class starts
7:00 PM – Class end

Day 3
8:00 to 8:30AM – Pickup and meet for breakfast (for student stay in Pulau Indah only)
9:00 AM – Class starts
12:00 PM – Lunch break
3:30 PM – Class starts
7:00 PM – Class end

Day 4
8:00 to 8:30AM – Pickup and meet for breakfast (for student stay in Pulau Indah only)
9:00 AM – Class starts
12:00 PM – Lunch break
3:30 PM – Class starts
7:00 PM – Class end

*Subject to change

Standard 50kg - 80kg
Maximum 100kg

Group Size  
Minimum 1 pax

Min 16 years old and above

A safety briefing will be conducted on land before students take off. Students must follow all safety instructions at all times.
If the wind condition is not perfect for take-off, the instructor will not fly. Reschedule or postpone will apply if it's not a good flying day.

Insurance Coverage
It's essential for you to get insurance protection for your extreme sports activities, or you have your insurance protection and coverage when signing up for this activity. We want you to have a piece of mind when engaging in the activities with us and enjoy them.

What to Wear & Bring  
1. All the positive energy and willpower to fly
2. Long or short-sleeved T-shirt; long pants and anything comfortable sports attire
3. Sports shoes
4. Straps for spectacles or goggles for contact lenses
5. Sunscreen and cap
6. Sun glasses
7. Enough water to drink

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