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Private Pilot License (PPL) Malaysia

Package Rate
RM 12,000.00 per
  Enrolment Deposit 2 mths+
 Meet at Subang Airport
 Online tuition and lectures
 Min 1 student upon booking
 2 to 12 month course duration
 Ground school materials provided
 46 hours flight training
 Theoretical and practical exams fees
 Instructor Fees
 Aircraft rental fees
 Training note & log book
 Advance booking required

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Package Details
   Overall course fees approx. RM60,000+
   Pay as you go level by level
   Completed between 3 to 12 months
   You must be in good health and fit
   100 hours online of tuition and lectures
   Min age 17 years old and above
   Includes Lifetime Membership
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Terms and Conditions
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Let's Break The Rules
Water sport can be relaxing too. Yoga outside of the studio!! Picnic on the sea and also hava a fabulous SUP birthday celebration! We are eager to have it all happening again. Thanks Oxbold and also the instructor, Wilson for giving us these memorable experiences. by Evonne39 - Sep 2021

Hospitality and great gear
Had the pleasure of renting an SUP board from Oxbold in Pahang for the whole day. Board, paddle and life jacket are in great condition, well-maintained. Oxbold's rep, Steven is warm and very helpful- giving me tips on where to head out on my solo paddle. Very quiet beach,
which means you have the whole ocean all to yourself! by Safari53727859159 - Dec 2018

Michael is a star
It was our first SUP lesson. Michael was patient, informative and friendly.Highly recommended. He made us feel so welcome. by Lee F - Nov 2018

Stand Up Paddling at Putrajaya
A group of us went for SUP in Putrajaya, which is run by Oxbold's partner company Flyboard Malaysia. Overall a very pleasant experience as the instructor was friendly and he provided clear instructions. by Roam51273808111 - Jun 2019

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Popularity 6
From Dream to Reality
Earn Your Private Pilot License with...

 The Premier Flying Club – best safety track record
 More than 800 students trained and licensed
  8 aircraft available for your flight training
 Complete your PPL in 2 months

If you've always been fascinated by airplanes and the thrill of flying, the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course in Malaysia is the perfect opportunity to realize your goals. This course will teach you the skills needed to fly a single-engine aircraft for non-commercial purposes, allowing you to fly with confidence.

A PPL opens up a world of possibilities for you as a pilot. You'll be able to
travel for fun or to visit friends and relatives in other parts of the state. It also provides a solid foundation for further training, such as obtaining a commercial pilot's license. Furthermore, many aviation-related jobs, such as flying for air taxis or charter services, require the PPL.

 We have signed up 920 students as of 2023
 The largest flying club in South East Asia
  Flight training for students 365 days a year

Are you ready to take your passion for aviation to the next level? If you've ever dreamed of becoming a private pilot, then earning your Private Pilot License (PPL) is the first step toward achieving that goal. But you might be wondering, how long does it take to earn a PPL? And is it possible to earn one in just 2 months? You are closer than you think to become a Private Pilot.

The good news is, with the
right preparation and commitment, it is definitely possible and we have students make it to earn their PPL in just 6 months or less.

 Online classes are being conducted daily
 From 8:30pm – 10:30pm
  To balance your career and family time
  All training sessions are recorded, you can
    review them anytime

If you have a
passion for aviation and a desire to fly, the Private Pilot Licence course is a great place to start. It is an investment in your future as well as an opportunity to experience the excitement of flight like never before. So, don't wait any longer; sign up for a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course in Malaysia today and let your dreams fly!

The PPL is an entry level course that equips you with foundation skills to pilot a single-engine aircraft with confidence. The flight training encompasses
46 hours of basic maneuvering and navigational training – complete with hands-on experience with aircraft. Under the specifications of the CAAM, the course will normally take around twelve (12) weeks to complete on a full time basis. Upon completion, students are licensed to fly single-engine aircraft during the day.

PPL Minimum Entry Requirements
  • Be at least 17 years old Malaysian, or a
    30 years old Singaporean
  • Be able to read, write and communicate in English at a working level
  • If you are a foreigner you will need to have a Valid Work Permit or have a Malaysia My Second Home Visa issued by the Malaysian Immigration. CAAM will not issue SPL (Student Pilot License) for dependents or student visas.
  • Meet at least Class 2 medical requirements
  • Fly 46 hours and pass 10 theoretical test papers. Pass the English language proficiency test, and a verbal exam.

Documents for Application

  • Membership Application Form (will send it to you when apply)
  • Color Photocopy of IC (Malaysian) or
    Passport (Non-Malaysian)
  • 2x Passport Photos - (Blue Background 25 X 32 mm)
  • Color Photocopy for Work Permit or Malaysian 2nd Home VIsa for Non-Malaysian
  • Medical Certificate CLASS II, submit after application success

Why choose us as your flight school   

     Operating the largest fleet of Cessna in Malaysia
     Has full-time flight & ground Instructors ready to teach
           and share with you to fly an aircraft.

     Has a large library for pilot training as well as for reference
           stuff, completely free for all active students.

     Has a large section on test questions, getting you ready for
           the written exam with CAAM. Completely free for all active

     Has the fastest training program for anybody, you will be
           able to embark on your dream as soon as possible.

     All training classes are conducted via ZOOM and all classes
           are being recorded, just in case, you can not make it on

     We will not just take care of all your course bookings, we will
           track all your ground classes, dates, times and subjects
           covered keeping you and your instructor right on track.

     We will also track your deposits and with a simple click you
           will be able to see all your transactions that you have with us
           in the past, transparency is important for us.

     We will record all your flights in your online Pilot Logbook.
     We also keeping track of your C of T, C of V, and your
           medical, and we will initiate the renewal for you
           automatically as long you maintain your credit balance in
           your account.


The Subang SkyPark Terminal at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (SAASA) has long established itself as the gateway airport to Kuala Lumpur city with its state-of-the-art facilities of a modern city airport. Located approximately 30 minutes away from the city center.

Strategically located near the heart of the city, the Subang Skypark Terminal is living up to its reputation as an aviation and lifestyle destination. This airport is the main base for Firefly, Malindo Air, plus some private and corporate aircraft. It also serves as Berjaya Air’s main gateway to several Malaysian holiday destinations, including Pulau Tioman.


The Private Pilot License (PPL) is a qualification that permits the holder to act as the pilot of an aircraft privately. It is your first step into the world of aviation and will give you the freedom to take friends or family members on beautiful trips or fly for your own business. The Private Pilot License is the first of many steps in your aviation career.

Entry Level
To enroll in a PPL course, students must meet these requirements. Be at least age of 17 years old; be capable of reading, writing, and communicating in English at a working level; and fulfill at least Class 2 medical standards requirements.

You will also require theoretical understanding as well as practical experience. You must also pass the theoretical knowledge tests and skill tests
(10 papers) provided by a CAAM-approved Flight Training Organization (FTO) or Flying Club offering instructional flying (FC), as well as fulfilling all regulatory licensing necessities.

Course Duration 
The duration of a PPL course may vary depending on the individual's pace of learning, availability, and weather conditions. Typically, the course can be completed within
2 to 12 months.

minimum of 46 hours is required (most pilots require 60 hrs)
Train as often as you want, but at least once or twice a week to maximize efficiency! Example: 2 hrs per week and 8 hrs per month, you will complete it in 5 months assuming weather and time are not an issue.

Course Structure  

The PPL course consists of both theoretical and practical training encompasses 100 hours online of tuition and lectures on fundamental aviation theory.

Course Start Date  
You can start anytime upon documents submission and approval between a few days to a month

The theoretical training covers the following subjects:
- Air law and regulations
- Navigation
- Meteorology
- Principles of flight
- Human factors

The practical training includes the following aspects:
- Pre-flight preparation and checks
- Takeoff, climb, cruise, and descent procedures
- Normal and emergency procedures
- Navigation and radio communication
- Landing and post-flight checks

Training Aircraft:
- The PPL course is typically conducted on a single-engine aircraft, such as the Cessna 172, Cessna 150 or Piper 28.

Group Size  
Minimum:  1 students and above


Minimum 17 years old above

There is no set of weight restrictions, but the heavier pilots may have weight and balance may not allow for the inclusion.

Height Height
In terms of height, there are no set restrictions, but taller individuals may find some aircraft uncomfortable to fly due to limited headroom or legroom.

Overall, weight and height are important factors to consider when pursuing a PPL course, as they may affect the type of aircraft that can be used for training and the comfort level of the pilot during flight. Just inform us your weight and height during booking.

Certificate will be provided

Meeting Venue
Subang SkyparkSubang SkyPark Terminal
Google Map: https://goo.gl/WXZiS4
Waze Map: https://goo.gl/dvwu45

Flying an aircraft has always been a weather-dependent sport. Safety is always the priority in aviation sport. If inclement weather occurs during your course, all lesson will either be postponed until later in the day or reschedule to a new date.

What to Wear & Bring  
2. Comfortable and appropriate clothing
3. Covered shoes
4. NRIC or Passport
5. Mineral water
6. Sunglasses if flying

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Private Pilot License PPL Malaysia

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