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Stand Up Paddle Yoga Lesson Malaysia
Package Rate
RM  240.00 per
  RM 300.00 2 hrs
 Two hours lesson
 Meet at Marina Putrajaya
 1 person private lesson
 Equipment provided
 Advance booking required
RM  200.00 2 pax
  RM 260.00 2 hrs
 Two hours lesson
 Meet at Marina Putrajaya
 2 people and above sharing upon booking
 Equipment provided
 Advance booking required

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Insurance Protection
RM  30.00 per
  age below < 70 years old
RM  90.00 per
  age above > 70 years old
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Who is eligible to apply?
   Malaysian Citizen
   Permanent Residents
   Employment Pass / Work Permit Holders
    and Dependent(s) of Pass Holders
Package Details
   Advanced booking required, 4-7 days
     before lesson
   Open all year round includes public holiday
   2 hours lesson
   Min 1 person for 2 hours lesson upon
   Min age: 10 years old
   Min weight: 50kg, Max weight: 100kg
   Lesson time: Between 7am-5pm
   Excludes return transport to lesson area
   Excludes insurance
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SUP Yoga Lesson Malaysia
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This activity is closed currently due to Putrajaya SOP. We will resume operation after it's open to the public.

Is your yoga routine getting a little stale? If you're looking for a new challenge, yoga on a stand up paddleboard will reinvigorate you and push you to become an even better yogi than you thought possible while enjoying the natural splendor of floating on water. SUP Paddleboard Yoga is a variation of stand up paddle surfing (SUP), combined with yoga, which originated in Rishikesh, India. OXBOLD collaborates with local experienced, certified Yoga instructors to bring you the SUP Yoga lesson in Malaysia. Now everyone can come along at their own pace for a SUP Yoga experience on the water you will never forget. It’s fun, easy, and a great way to either start or end your day.

If you've done SUP or Yoga before, you know they both require a good balance. This combines both for the ultimate in surf training to helps develop, flexibility, strength & balance. The student may be required to maintain the balance and postures on fluid water such as the ocean or a lake. Students can begin by moving through a sequence of yoga postures, or asana, while standing on a specially designed stand up paddleboard.

OXBOLD brings SUP Paddleboard Yoga to a new level: we combine it with the SUP board on the water and therefore achieve an even higher training effect. The lesson is 2 hours long.

SUP board, paddle and impact vest are provided. If you have never paddled before we recommend you book a Stand Up Paddleboard Lesson first to get the basic balance and feel what is SUP all about. SUP Yoga classes are suitable for all levels, with beginner yoga posture options given. All postures will be explained and demonstrated if needed, with beginner and more advanced variations.

SUP Yoga lesson is conducted at Putrajaya, Maritime Centre. Please book in advance for your lesson to ensure your class placement is secure.

SUP Yoga classes are limited in numbers with weather permitting and require a minimum of 1 student for private lessons and 2 students for group lessons. To know more about what is SUP Yoga, please visit our fan page at www.facebook.com/supyogamalaysia

SUP Yoga on a paddleboard invites a feeling of grace, serenity and the joy of play! The unique aspect is the expansive view from your 'floating mat' while experiencing inner balance at the same time. SUP Yoga encompasses all that to enjoy in life - being surrounded by water, graceful movement and sharing the experience with others for an adventure, fresh air, and great view! Breathe, smile, enjoy the view, and invite a friend to try on a session with you!


Why SUP Yoga Lesson?
SUP Yoga is a combination of Stand Up Paddling and Yoga, the emphasis on core stability is a wonderful addition to the yoga workout and the paddling experience. Within just one lesson at an OXBOLD Stand Up Paddle Yoga lesson, you can be up and paddling, building core strength, balance, endurance and confidence all while enjoying beautiful scenery views.

The Six Stand Up Paddlboard Yoga Principles
1. Increased strength and muscle tone
2. Increased flexibility and joint mobility
3. Improved posture, balance and coordination
4. Increased bone density and muscle endurance
5. A flatter stomach and a leaner physique
6. Decreased back pain

Entry Level: (Beginner) min 10 years old and above
Our beginner lesson will teach you the basics of stand up paddle yoga. We will provide you with tips and techniques for your core balance, posture and paddling and once you have this mastered you can progress to next lessons or rent a SUP board and keep practise.

You will learn:
- Basics of stand up paddleboarding proper paddling technique and turning
- Sequences developed specifically for SUP Yoga with poses that are uniquely adapted to use the paddle, board and water to enhance and elevate the experience of the practice.

Quality instruction
Our instructors offer quality, enjoyable and fun learning experience. Our business philosophy, strict safety code of conduct is enforced at all times. Our trainer certified in Yoga Deep International Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Manasa Yoga Instructor, AcroYoga Instructor and etc.

Certified trainers and everything you need
We supply all the equipment and instruction that will get you out and up for a fun way to get fit and feel great. On water sessions are one hour, and we recommend arriving early to set up, and prepare for your session. We offer a variety of times and days so give us a call or send us an email in advance to see what works for you and your friends.

- 15 mins Ice-breaking + Briefing
- 30 mins Warm Up with Ground practice
- 60 mins SUP Yoga
- 15 mins Cool down + Q & A (Ground)

1. Stand Up Paddle Board
2. Life Jacket


2 hours lesson
Available between 7am - 4pm

Minimum 10 year old above

Maximum 100kg

Meeting Venue
Marina PutrajayaMarina Putrajaya, Precinct 5
Google Map: https://goo.gl/PYfXgF
Waze Map: https://goo.gl/Wf3reg

Most training can be processed under slight drizzle rain, and will not commence under heavy rain or thunderstorm. For safety reasons, we may need to re-schedule your experience to a later date due to bad weather conditions.

A safety briefing will be conducted on the activities site. All instructions from the instructor must be followed by students while in the center and lake.

What to Wear & Bring  
2. Two set of clothes to change (one for wet and other dry after lesson)
3. Swimming suit or boardshort
4. Wear booties (diving shoes) or similar type
5. Mineral water
6. Straps for spectacles or goggles for contact lenses
7. Towel or Sarong
8. Sun Screen Lotion and Basic Toiletries

What we need from you
1. You must be able to swim
2. You must have good water confidence
3. Able to follow instruction
4. Physically fit

Stand Up Paddle Yoga lesson is popular for the ideal GIFT Experience. Many of our customers buy this as Gift Vouchers for Families, Couples, Birthdays and etc.

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Stand Up Paddle Yoga Lesson Malaysia

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