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Kiteboarding Progression Lesson
Package Rate
From  RM 300.00 per
  RM 500.00
 Two hour Lesson per day
 Meet at Balok Beach, Kuantan
 Min 1 person upon booking
 All equipment provided
 Advance booking required

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Insurance Protection
  RM 30.00 per
  age below < 70 years old
  RM 90.00 per
  age above > 70 years old
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AIG Travel Guard
Who is eligibale to apply?
   Malaysian Citizen
   Permanent Residents
   Employment Pass / Work Permit Holders
    and Dependent(s) of Pass Holders
Package Details
   Advanced booking required, 4-7 days
     before lesson
   Open all year round includes public holiday
   2 hour lesson (extend hours available)
   1 person lesson
   Kiteboarding equipment provided
   Min age: 12 years old
   Min Height: 4 ft+
   Weight min : 50kg & max : 95kg
   Lesson time: Between 11am-5pm
   Excludes return transport to lesson area
   Excludes insurance
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Kitesurfing lesson for beginners
My kids who are teens wanted to try kitesurfing. We found some info about kitesurfing lessons in Balok Beach, Kuantan. We reached the Oxbold to know the availability and other conditions via whatsapp. Our experience: the staff was super friendly, instructor was very professional and patient, the beach for kitesurfing was wide and not crowded, equipment and gear was quite new and suitable for beginners. by Jurgita - Aug 2020

Kiteboarding - Novice to Beginner
I cannot rate Oxbold and in particular Daniel highly enough. Whilst travelling around Asia, I decided at the last minute to head to Kuantan, Balok beach to learn kiteboarding, I found Oxbold online and Steven the owner replied to me very quickly. After the first lesson with Daniel, I knew I had made a good decision to learn with them. I progressed quickly having never flown a kite before and after 6 hours of lessons I was putting my feet on the board and the lesson after I managed to stand and do several runs. Daniel is such a good teacher, he is one of kiteboarding’s OGs and one of the first to take it up in Malaysia! He cares about safety, gave me kiteboarding videos to watch in my free time and even made sure my belongings were safe when I left them on the beach and forgot about them. I nearly went to Bali to learn kiteboarding but am so happy I stayed in Malaysia and chose Daniel at Oxbold. If you want to learn properly on a safe and quiet beach then head to these guys. Thank you Daniel and thank you Steven for the video of me learning! by tomandlauren - Jan 2019

Windsurfing for beginners
Wilson was insightful and easy to follow, essential traits to have when teaching something technical like windsurfing. Being vastly experienced, he knows how to maximize your time on the water and can recommend the best spots to enjoy windsurfing at each level of competency. I’m looking forward to my next session with him. by sk4n12 - Aug 2022

A great place to windsurf and fantastic instructor
Wilson is a superbly fantastic instructor. He's the best instructor I have had for windsurfing. He teaches you the basics and gets you going at your pace. He motivates you all the way and it is clear that he enjoys seeing his students learn and improve. I strongly recommend Wilson and I hope to make Balok my stopover whenever I visit Malaysia. Thanks Wilson, hope to see you soon. by 303jeff2016 - Nov 2018
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Rating Matrix
Physical Strength 8
Mental 10
Toughness 6
Skills 10
Fun 10
Popularity 10
This activity is temporarily closed for booking. The instructor is away for International Competition until further notice!

We make you a better Kitesurfer
Kiteboarding Progression Lesson can help you learn quicker, safer and easier. Kitesufing is a complex, but rewarding sport, it involves a combination of several sport skills, including wakeboarding, surfing, and kiteflying. Different size kites allows you to kiteboard in various wind strengths. The bigger the kite, the lighter the wind you can go in and vice versa. With bigger kites you can get going in as little as 10 knots, and with smaller kites you can still sail along in strong winds of 35 knots or more.

When is the best time to learn kiteboarding in Malaysia?
Kiteboarding or also known as kitesurfing, this sport gained popularity day by day at Balok Beach, Kuantan. For Beginner: Off monsoon season from April to Nov (estimated 3 to 12 knots of wind). However, you may also choose monsoon season to learn kite lesson, instructor willl provide a smaller kite for your training based on your weight and skills.

For Intermediate and Advance levels: Monsoon season is an ideal time from Nov to Mar (estimated 15 to 30 knots of wind).

Is Kitesurfing easy to learn?
Compared to windsurfing, wakeboarding and surfing, kiteboarding is a relatively easy sport to learn. Most students are able to get up on their board after three to fifth lessons from our kiteboarding lesson in a good wind and weather conditions.

If you have prior experience in surfing, kite-flying, windsurfing or wakeboarding, the learning curve will be shorter, but anyone can learn provided they have the patience and willingness to learn. Being comfortable in the water will certainly help. With good instruction, the learning curve is accelerated. Without good instruction, or no instruction at all, kitesurfing can be quite dangerous and time-consuming. It is recommended that all beginners receive some sort of training or take up a proper lesson.

Should I take lessons?
Kiteboarding is a safe sport only if you familiarize yourself with the safety aspects of the sport. Lessons are extremely important, it is important to note that kiteboarders can pose a danger to the public. Tensioned lines are razor sharp and can cause cuts to innocent bystanders. Lessons will jumpstart your learning process, and get you on the water quickly and safely.

For people who are serious to picking up this sport and further your kiteboarding training with professional instruction. We recommend you to attend minimum 4 to 8 lessons in between 2 to 5 days vacation to mastering the techniques and skills to understand the wind and kite theory - including angle of attack, the wind window and kite positions. Flying a trainer kite on the beach, including figure 8s, using the control bar to fly the kite and control the kite power. Knowing how to setting up, rigging and launching your kite.

Safety release drill, self rescue technique, body dragging, water start, initiated by diving the kite into the power zone.
Up and going, you will travel downwind and then do the "walk of shame" back up the beach. Upwind body dragging and changing direction by stopping then heading back the other way until you be able to go solo by yourself with supervision on instructor atthe shore via walkie-talkie instruction.

Intermediate Water Training
2 to 3 Days Lesson, 6 to 8 hours

This is our most popular package lesson and includes 6 hours (3 to 4 hours each day) of one-on-one water training. All equipment provided during the lessons and this training can be done in 1, 2, or 3 days, depending on weather conditions and your energy level. (It is often better to give your body a break and your mind a chance to absorb the massive amount of information you learn during training.)

You will learn
- Flying a trainer kite on the beach, including figure 8s
- Knowing how to set up, rigging, and launching your kite.
- Body dragging with the kite

Advanced Water Training
3 to 5 Days Lesson, 9 to 12 hours

The 3 to 5 days ultimate lesson is designed to build your confidence to be fully independent on the water. It totals 9 to 12 hours of one-on-one private water instruction and includes all the above-mentioned syllabus.

You will begin learning more advanced techniques

- Advanced kite control
- Upwind riding techniques
- Safety release drill, self-rescue technique,
- Water start with the kite
- Upwind body dragging and changing direction
- Solo kiteboarding by yourself with the supervision of an instructor at the shore via walkie-talkie instruction.

During the lessons we provide you with all the necessary equipment: kite, board, harness, floatation vest and a helmet complete with waterproof walkie-talkie so your instructor can guide you while you are practicing in the water.


- Min 3 to 4 hours lesson a day
- Spend at least 2 to 5 days (to give your body a break and your mind to absorb the massive information you learn during training)

Group Size
Minimum:  1 student (1-on-1 instruction)
Maximum:  2 student (2-on-1 instructor with sharing equipment)

10 years and above

Minimum 50kg
Maximum 95kg

Minimum 4 ft+ / 120cm+

Balok Beach, Kuantan
Meeting Venue
Balok Beach, Kuantan, Pahang
Google Map: https://bit.ly/kitesurfkuantan-google
Waze Map:

Most training can be processed under slight drizzle rain, and will not commence under heavy rain or thunderstorm. For safety reasons, we will need to re-schedule your lesson to a later date due to bad weather conditions.

A safety briefing will be conducted on the activities site. All instructions from the instructor must be followed by students at the beach and open sea.

Insurance Coverage
It's essential you get insurance protection for your extreme sports activities. You must have your own insurance protection and coverage when signing up for this activity. We want you to have a piece of mind when engaging in the activities with us and fully enjoy them.

What to Wear & Bring  
- Comfortable water wear
- Mineral Water
- Hat OR Cap
- Sunblock & Sunglasses

Kitesurfing lesson is popular for ideal GIFT Experience. Many of our customers buy this as Gift Vouchers for Families, Couples, Birthdays and etc.

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