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Accelerated Freefall Malaysia
Package Rate
RM N/A per
  RM 0,000.00 ? days
 Nine (9) Jumps Course
 Meet at Taiping, Perak (Do in Malaysia)
 Meet at KLIA (Do in Australia)
 Min 1 person upon booking
 All equipment provided
 Advance booking required
 Available based on weather, aircraft and
 No cancelation or refund policy applied

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Insurance Protection
Insurance included for Malaysian only!
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Insurance for Non-Malaysian
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RM  50.00 per
  age below < 70 years old
RM  150.00 per
  age above > 70 years old
Who is eligible to apply?
   Malaysia Expat with a local bank account
   Permanent Residents
   Employment Pass / Work Permit Holders
    and Dependent(s) of Pass Holders
AIG Travel Guard
Package Details
   Advanced booking required, 7-14 days
    before activity
   Open all year round includes public holiday
   Two days (10am - 5pm)
   Depend on weather and wind condition
   Min 1 person upon booking
   Min age 18 years old above
   Weight 40kg - 90kg
   English/Malay speaking pilot
   FREE video and photoshoot services
   Includes Personal Accident Coverage
   All payments are valid for 12 months period
   Excludes return transport
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Terms and Conditions
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What is Accelerated Free Fall?

Accelerated Free Fall (also known as AFF) is the quickest method of becoming a qualified parachute jumper or skydiver and is also the easiest way to learn with approximately 30 seconds of free fall on every jump guided by our expert instructors.

Freefall jumps are meant only for the well-trained. Once a jumper has completed around five to six static line jumps, he or she is qualified to enjoy a freefall jump, though it is still subject to the performance of the jumper and the approval of the instructor.
This course is inclusive of 9 freefall jumps above 10,000 feet and 2 hours of ground class.

For the first 3 jumps, the instructor will exit together with you from 10,000 feet and above. At 5,000 feet, you will pull the ripcord to release and deploy the parachute. For the 4th and 9th jump, the instructor will not hold on to you but will only observe you. Cleared for solo jumps is subject to the Instructors recommendation and Chief Instructor's approval.

The skydiving course is only available on the date set on the calendar on our website and it won't always be available due to the difficulty in obtaining NOTAMs (Notices to Air Missions) to fly. Also, remember that skydiving is strongly related to weather conditions, the instructor has the last word in deciding if it’s safer to call off the activity and plan it for another day.

About Drop Zone in Taiping, Perak

Taiping Aerodrome is an aerodrome in Taiping, Larut, Matang and Selama, Perak, Malaysia. It is located at Jalan Muzaffar Shah formerly Creagh Road, Assam Kumbang and also called Tekah Airstrip. The airport was built in early 1929, this wooden structure aerodrome was the first airfield in the state of Perak and also in Peninsular Malaysia.

Taiping Airport is the oldest airstrip in Malaysia. It was built by the British in 1929 for non-military use. Along with Alor Star Airport which was built in the same year, it was one of the earliest airports in Malaya. However, in 1933 more airports were built in Singapore, Selangor and Penang, and the Taiping Airport was no longer important.


The Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving Course (AFF) is a fast track skydiving lesson programme that can take you from a complete beginner to a fully qualified skydiver. It is split into 8 levels and is aimed at those people who are keen to make skydiving as their new sport. On your first jump you are accompanied by 2 instructors and get to experience the thrill of free fall from 10,000 feet (depending on the centre and conditions on the day). Enjoying skydives on your own and gaining your Skydiving license.

The training you will learn:
  • Check and fit your own equipment
  • How to leave the plane in a safe, stable body position
  • Safety procedures
  • Learning how to identify malfunctions and operate your reserve parachute
  • How to deal with emergency situations
  • Learn to recognize the dropzone
  • The technique of land your parachute

You will receive:

  • All instruction for the course
  • Kit hire for all the equipment required, including jumpsuit, altimeters, helmets, goggles and of course parachutes.
  • The 8 levels are as follows, providing each level is completed successfully and safely:
    - Level 1 - level 3: Two instructors with you during the freefall
    - Level 4 - level 7: One instructor
    - Level 8: Checked out by an instructor for a low altitude (5000 feet) hop and pop jump.
Upon successfully completing all 8 levels you will need to complete 10 solo jumps to attain your solo skydiving licence.
AFF course fee you will

- Any repeat levels
- Insurance protection
- Meals
- Accomodation
- Return transport to Drop Zone

Meeting Time

18 years old above as long you are fit and active

The standard parachute can take 40kg - 90kg
Less than 40kg or over 90kg, you still can sign up. Just inform us early and we will prepare you a suitable gear.

Group Size
Minimum: 1 pax
Maximum: 20 pax
Large group please notify us 5 weeks early

Meeting VenuePerak, Taiping
Tekah Airstrip, Taiping, Ipoh
Jalan Saujana Jaya, Asam Kumbang, Perak
Google Map: Taiping Airstrip Google
Waze Map: Taiping Airstrip Waze


Safety briefing will be conducted on land before participants take-off. Participant must follow all safety instruction at all time.
If weather condition is not perfect to take-off, instructor will not proceed. Reschedule or postpone will appy if it's not a good skydiving day.

Insurance Coverage
It's essential you get insurance protection for your extreme sports activities. You must have your own insurance protection and coverage when signing up for this activity. We want you to have a piece of mind when engaging in the activities with us and fully enjoy them.

Skydiving has always been a weather-dependent sport. Safety is always the priority in aviation sport. If you have been scheduled, you must come to the dropzone regardless of weather conditions. If we feel it is necessary to reschedule, we will inform you. If inclement weather occurs after you arrive, all skydives will either be postponed until later in the day or reschedule to a new date.

What to Wear & Bring  
2. Comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing.
3. Shoes that will not fall off easily, no hiking boots, flip flops, or sandals.
4. Make sure your instructor aware you wear contact lenses.
5. We will supply goggles that can go over glasses if needed.
6. Mineral water
7. Sun glass or cap on drop zone

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Take note before paying! Unfortunately, the Skydiving Malaysia management has imposed a non-refundable policy for this activity; the date may only be postponed due to bad weather, in which case we will notify you of a new rescheduled date. We strongly advise you not to book if you are unable to accept this policy.

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